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J.P. (Site Writer, Marketing Specialist, Music Influencer)

Twitter: JPatton__ | email:

Native of St. Louis, Mo.  Connecting Music to its Fans.  Believer that all things in the Universe work off Love and Good Energy

John Price (Site Writer, Actor, Chef)

IG: j.w.price | email:

Los Angeles, California Native. Fell in love with the cinematic arts as a teenager while becoming a chef to balance the career stigma of acting. “Through experimentation of smoking Marijuana I was able to hone in on the drive and focus it takes to appreciate the subtleties that bring depth into those arts, from the understanding of myself.”

Khnum (admin):

Khnum is the force behind Serving as admin and editor, Khnum maintains the site, manages engagement and content, prepares articles for post and regularly posts an article.




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