LA to Vancouver W/ Cannabis

LA to Vancouver W/ Cannabis

|by: Khnum|

Here in the KING’s court we provide fun suggestions. You’ve been good to us, and for that we figured we would play travel agent to you. So for your first trip to break in the new year we recommend leaving the City of Angels for Vansterdam. Three weeks from New Years is ample time to recollect your herb money. A ticket from Los Angeles to Vancouver round trip from January 23 to January 27 will cost you just over $200 at the cheapest. That gives plenty of time to spend in the city. Why Vancouver you ask? You have to experience the coldest cannabis, and what could be colder than Canada? Let us fill you on why you should pack your bags for Vancouver, and why you should consider leaving your holly-weed at home.

The obvious reason why you should visit Vancouver in January is because Canada has become North America’s cannabis oasis. Just over a month ago Canadians took the step to usher cannabis legalization into law. With the law on the books, you can entertain a myriad of stores after you touch down. Like back home you may be able to get edibles at certain spots that cater to the medicinal and healthcare markets. Otherwise, you would have to postpone this trip until the Canadian legalization anniversary, which is when those products will be available for recreational use.

We can’t hold your hand once you land at YVR, Vancouver’s airport. But, we do like you so we’ll nudge you in a few good directions. Less than 10 mins by rideshare you can reach the cannabis dispensary Mary Jane’s. We also have a Mary Jane’s dispensary nestled right on Melrose Ave in LA that is known for a large collection of strains. Will you report back and let us know if Vancouver’s Mary Jane can match or best the city’s own? There are plenty of sights to see, like the historical monuments or the cannabis franchises that litter the city. Visit the popular outfit Weeds for a gram of their Congolese, UK cheese, or White Castle strains and then take a seven minute walk down to Victory Square Cenotaph.

On the way back be careful not to bring any kush with you on the return flight. One tenant of the law anyone could have guessed would be included is the ‘carrying of cannabis across borders’. It is illegal to bring cannabis into or out of Canada. Also be cautious once entering the country. Despite the new LAX airport policy allowing its passengers to carry cannabis onto the property, it is still illegal to carry cannabis in and out of the United States, and even still illegal to carry between most US states. So we urge you to be careful. And we are glad we don’t have to urge you to consider our souvenir. Have a safe trip!

We also recommend bringing the Cloud-A-Ful Glass Handpipe with you, from the smoke shop

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