How Long Have We Humans Been Puffing Loud

How Long Have We Humans Been Puffing Loud

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Cannabis is a world traveler, a true rolling stone. It’s been all over the world and back for millennia. I wondered to myself: How Long Have We Humans Been Puffing Loud? Long! What I found was that the use of the good plant has been with us in recorded history, although how far back into that history is murky. As we conduct HIGH research we must include the other hemp plant uses. For your information fellow researcher, cannabis has several variants, both low THC or low to mild psychoactive effects and regular THC with average to high psychoactive effects. Now on to the when, where and how of cannabis.

All the strobe lights and sound frequencies point to eastern Asia as the true rolling stone’s, cannabis’, debut performance. Proliferating in human settlements, seeds burned and left behind in ancient tombs of prominent figures, cannabis is speculated and in some cases confirmed to have originated in present day China and Mongolia. From its early days the plant was used medicinally, like an herb in a medieval film. It treated various ailments. It was also used in ritual. Moving to western Asia, with the spread of Islam, cannabis formed as hashish was a companion piece for the faithful.

Bering Strait, Atlantic Slave Trade or the Vikings? Who passed the baton of cannabis to the Americas? Cannabis for medicinal uses and as hemp fiber was a popular crop in Europe after the Columbus voyage. Spaniards are said to have introduced hemp for mass cultivation into its Western Hemisphere colonies. This would make sense given the vast plantations developed for the European market. Just how did the Spaniards get it? Could it have been introduced to them by the Almoravid and Moorish, the previous and also Islamic rulers of Iberia? I could only speculate. What’s for certain is that in British and Spanish colonies hemp was encouraged, even required in certain areas to be cultivated by law. Cannabis as currency in Virginia? We don’t have to speculate, even though we couldn’t be blamed with modern legislative rollback.

Cannabis made one of its latest appearances in the United States about a century ago. Well, being that its been in North America for centuries, it made an appearance as a popular drug for recreational use a century ago. Before Western States ate all things Mexican, folks south of the border were notorious for puffing loud. The stigma against cannabis grew so much that laws handcuffed the recreational, medicinal and even industrial use of the hemp variant. Even hemp fiber rope and shirts were regulated, as hard as that is to believe. No need to tell you its next appearance, for you already know cannabis is well on the way to legalization from sea to shining sea. Puff loud and share your rolling stone.

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