Hemp As A Fiber

Hemp As A Fiber

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Smoke it or wear it. Cannabis doubles as a cotton replacement, sort of. The less psychoactive part of the plant, hemp, is a jack of all agricultural trades. Hemp has snuck into our foods, our medicine, but what about fiber? The natural or synthetic strand-like object, fiber is the base piece of a textile. Derived from numerous sources and enduring various treatments and procedures, fibers are joined together to create differing textiles that finalize as an awesome array of fabrics and surfaces.

I talked previously about the Spanish introduction of industrial hemp fiber cultivation to the Americas destined for the European economy in the 16th century. Records indicate that hemp byproducts were being used at the start of civilization. Cannabis as old as walking up right? Yea I know, that’s too extra of an idea. In colonial American Virginia and Massachusetts, farmers were mandated to pay special attention to the cash crop hemp, just like their English ancestors were decreed to do centuries earlier. The origin is speculated to be between ancient Mesopotamia and China, and thus between paper and cloth.

The beauty of hemp is that in terms of nutrition you could afford to choose between more than two options of hemp. As a producer and manufacturer the stars are the limit. If the finish line is hemp fiber ready to enter the textile creation phase, where is the pre-gunshot line? The long and short of it is that hemp has a long and a short fiber. The long fiber comes from the bast or outer stalk and the short fiber from the inner tow or core of the stalk. The two lengths have a differing amount of ligium, a naturally occurring substance to keep vegetative fibers hugged up. They also have some dope uses.

Cannabis concrete. That’s hard. Both lengths of the cannabis stalk are mixed with other materials during the manufacturing process to bring you this modern world. The shorter fibers are mixed with lime to create a new style concrete. The longer bast fibers are perfect for making a high end paper product, like a tea bag. Drinking tea, puffing cheef. Cannabis, in the form of hemp which is in the form of bast and tow fibers, was numero uno on big wooden ships that needed sails. Now cannabis, in the form of hemp, is in your car panel, your favorite shirt, possibly your bookshelf but always, in your bong.

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