Basic Principles For Smoking Cannabis – Indica

Basic Principles For Smoking Cannabis – Indica

| by: John Price |

Recognizing the difference between indicas and sativas is not difficult. Most dispensaries are very helpful and will guide you to what you are looking for. If you like to be able to choose yourself here are some key elements to look for.

  1. An indica dominant strain may be purple and always has orange hairs.
  2. If it was grown indoors or outdoors it might smell sour, earthy or nutty.
  3. It generally breaks down different. (Depending on how well it has been dried an indica will not be so brittle when the nuggets are broken up.)

With the cannabis industry growing as it is, one common thing that occurs is – a same thing happens in other crops that are farmed – the original aspects of it has changed due to demand. Meaning strains, names, and brands all don’t mean a thing. The determining factors of good marijuana usually are based off of which shelf it’s on. Top shelf, mid grade, and bottom shelf. How they get graded is based off of the company that grows the plant. They have people test the product and describe the peak to come down ratio and that determines price, which in turn determines which shelf it will ultimately end up on. What I consider to be a good indica would be one that has a short come down, in the sense that you will not feel so groggy after your peak. One way to combat the grogginess is by ingesting dairy products such as ice cream, milkshakes, eating cereal etc…

If you wake and bake with an indica I hope you don’t have much of a day planned. Indicas in my experience gives me more of a body high, to where my head feels like it weighs a ton, all I want to do is eat and maybe binge watch some Netflix, or go to sleep. The belief that you smoke marijuana and you’re light headed is a myth. The first time you smoke or eat an edible you most likely will not recognize that you are high because you can’t describe the feeling. Both indicas and sativas do, however, create the weightless feeling in your body. A good indica dominant strain will first make your eyes heavy, your thought patterns slow or change,  and you might choose to stay in one spot until you nap and have something to eat.

A story I enjoy telling is around the time I started smoking consecutively as an adult. I shared a blunt with a friend who was more of a novice than I. It was an indica strain called Sour Diesel. When we were done smoking he drove in three circles and decided he could not operate the vehicle. We proceeded to call a friend and got munchies, all while never even continuing the plans we had before. Through my experience I’ve notice two different strains equal completely different highs. The next strain to be discussed is Sativa’s and their effects.

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