Basic Principles For Smoking Cannabis – Sativa

Basic Principles For Smoking Cannabis – Sativa

|by: John Price|

Most people who smoke and don’t do research might tell you sativas give a weak high, or are for beginners. It is a scientific fact that the sativa strain generally has more THC than indicas. Sativa strains may smell green, almost like grass, and the more crystals that appear on the buds, usually means the higher the THC content. Some shops fake the crystals, and spray the weed so it seems more potent. There is a point from both strains and hybrids where you peak then come down. Due to indicas having a different peak when coming down it feels dragged out. Sativas on the other hand peak and then you become clear headed again, once the peak clears. What’s interesting about sativas is that while peaking you have hyper focus, almost similar to drinking a lot of coffee without the jitters. Everything feels fluent; you can find a groove or the wave of a free ride for whatever you’re doing that requires a lot of focus. As the peak reaches its end so does the focus that comes along with it.

Sativa happens to enable focus while doing numerous tasks. I do not recommend smoking while driving, having it in your glove compartment, or anywhere it can be smelled by police if pulled over. There is a thing called the “in plain smell” rule which gives any officer the right to search your vehicle and possibly seize it, based off of the fourth amendment. To those of you who smoke in a state that has not legalized cannabis, of which I recommend that you don’t smoke, do not have your prescription anywhere in the cab of your car.

The best way I have found to really enjoy the sativa strain is to smoke it with a purpose. This way you have a designated high you would like to reach. Once you enter that level of focus you begin what it is you set out to do. You then mediate how much you smoke until the task is done. I prefer to do this with vaporizer pens. They are the best way to use and not spend a lot of money on cannabis flowers. This particular method can replace a lot of pharmaceutical drugs such as adderall, which people with ADHD require for focus.

In conclusion to our intro to selecting your buds, if you need help with relaxing, sleep or stress you would go for indica strains. They take your mind out of a clustered state that may come about from day to day life. On the other hand sativa strain helps with focus and opens your mind to multiple solutions when looking to problem solve. Always smoke in moderation in order to be productive. Remember the more you smoke the higher your tolerance will be. Never keep your cannabis flower in your car. Lastly enjoy and appreciate this holistic method to soothe your mind and body.

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