420 or 405?

420 or 405?

| by: Khnum |

Nationwide the cannabis industry is winning this hard fought war of attrition. States and stakeholders are caving in ballot box by ballot box to the pressure of normalcy. The web of strains, growers, distributors and related products are feeling the pull of demand increase. The last remnants of the silly stigma is coming off the sticky green as its being re-imaged as a catalyst for economic revival and tax windfall. Bearing all of that, is the city of Angels opening up to 420 or opening up another 405 highway?

Travel through the wide expanse of Los Angeles and you can’t miss the dynamic efforts to reclaim dilapidated buildings and reinvigorate whole districts. The City of Los Angeles, like other municipalities and entities, has the American cannabis consumer in mind as a highway to new tax revenue. The approach could be all the road block, as life teaches us wise THEBANS. The city’s phased on-ramping of licensed cannabis firms is much like the 10 eastbound connection of the 405N – congested.

Roughly 160 licensed shops exist in Los Angeles, with many in the Sheriff’s Department estimating well over 1000 unlicensed or illegal shops. These shops are comically the Metro Exposition Line – the fast track so to speak – that will have you beat any post-work rush hour trip eastbound to downtown Los Angeles. They lack the ankle bracelet and anvil that taxes have placed on licensed businesses. What’s even more confusing is that licensed businesses are unable to use suppliers or providers who are currently unlicensed, but who share the track record and relationship that makes any business possible.

Amidst this mess we must ask ‘is the city of LA aware of it’s side in this war of attrition?’ Will the city be able to benefit from this eager market with it’s current regulatory stance? One positive ray is that Angelenos will not have to vote on an increase of the cannabis tax rate this fall. The favor is in the hands of the Expo line – the unlicensed industry. Will the city double down on excessive tax or work hand in hand with the licensed industry to attract customers, possibly even attract the tax revenue it desired? Life is a 405 traffic jam, some of the city officials have time in transit to figure out.

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