3 Songs I’ve Overplayed This Year

3 Songs I’ve Overplayed This Year

| by: Khnum |

Friends, significant others, siblings and even coworkers are liable to harass you: you played such and such song out. This doesn’t happen often me, being that I listen to a variety of music. However I am occasionally guilty of this. Out of the dozens of tracks I digest one set of wavelengths sticks out as proverbial theme music. I get a rush of adrenaline from these songs. I’m reminded of a missed phone number from my highschool days, with such songs.

Nothing could ever be wrong with overplaying a track that makes you feel like an extra from a director’s cut Love and Basketball scene. I’m guilty of bumpin’ Hurt You by The Weeknd in excess. My Dear Melancholy, the project the song is featured on, took me two whole days to warm up to. When I got over my indecisiveness I discovered Hurt You to be my favorite cut. At certain days throughout the year I’ve heard this song times over ten times in a row. The song has the nice side dish of distortion, making me feel I’m sharing in his conflict.

Spotify is home to my special playlist where I have just one track – Victory Lap by Nipsey Hussle. I can’t get over the backing vocals, which sound like the alluring sounds of a siren. I don’t try to get over, I double down or Double Up. Nipsey rapped the perfect night time L.A. commute soundtrack in less than five minutes, no exaggeration. ‘I’m prolific, so gifted, I’m the type that’s goin’ go get it…’ I am more than capable of playing this track five times riding on the ten from Santa Monica eastbound. That’s not counting the replays when I take the exit and zip thru the streets of downtown L.A.

Lastly, I’ve damn near broken my phone hitting the YouTube reload icon to replay Used To by NBDY. Yes, another r&b song from an artist with a unique spin on a word for a name. NBDY and his production team created a track with a mountain of my favorite syrup. That old school r&b ooze is in the electric piano and the riffs and runs of his voice. Every first listen I’m anxious to hit the skip this ad button so I can sing along ‘can we get along like we used to?’ R&B, and for sure hip-hop, are my milk and eggs or kale and grain regarding music. You overplay what is essential. What kind of theme music are you overplaying?

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